AL338 Thermal Radiation Heatsink

An electrical component in a thin and sealed space will produce wasted heat, which creates lost frequency in the core processor and can cause it to overheat and shut down. Using a fan to convect the heat in limited space is challenging. The V type heat sink would be the best option for tight areas. The thermal radiation heatsink can transform heat into electromagnetic waves because it’s designed with a high surface area and a high heat radiation emissivity and special angles. The surface area with nanoparticles could increase heat-exchange efficiency. The radiation thermal emissivity of a V type heat sink approaches anodic treatment, increasing the thermal conversion rate. The design of a V type heat sink can increase the natural convection.


  • AL338 significantly increases the thermal radiation function of the metal, accelerating the heat exchange between metal and air.
  • Highly efficient cooling down. The radiation rate is 0.96, the cooling down margin can achieve 10~30%.
  • Coating performance is long lasting, radiation rate will not diminish over time.
  • Its anti-corrosive and wear resistant properties can protect the metal interface to avoid erosion.
  • It’s constructed of light aluminum, which can be easily assembled to shorten the production cycle.
  • The assembly operation doesn’t need mounting holes and clamping parts, which can help decrease costs

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