Thermally Conductive Gap Pad

LiPOLY’s R&D team have created an ultra-soft, highly conformable, non-flammable interface material. LiPOLY T-Top 800 is a high deflection material, designed to allow minimal stress on components while offering high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance. With a thermal conductivity of 8.0 W/m*K, T-Top 800 offers excellent performance at an extremely competitive price.

See the complete thermal datasheet by visiting: T-Top 800

Thermally Conductive Gap Filler

Thermally Conductive Putty

Shiu Li Technology has created a new advanced thermal interface material. LiPOLY H-putty is a tolerance filled, thermally conductive putty that maintains high compressibility with low stress, high reliability, and will not flow vertically. Our H-putty can replace thermals pads in design gaps of 0.1mm-3.0mm. H-Putty has a bond line thickness of 100-3000μm. The thermal conductivity of the H-putty series is 2.0/3.5/6.0 W/m*K.


See the complete thermal datasheet by visiting: H-Putty

Thermal Solutions S-putty compound