New High-Performance Nano-Thermal Interface Grease

LiPOLY TT3000 is a highly reliable thermal interface grease made of solvent-free silicone oil compounds and thermal fillers. TT3000 provides superior performance and reliability while mitigating against pump-out and floating issues on the interface. TT3000 improves the operating process while simultaneously providing high thermal conductivity and excellent low thermal resistance. This material will handle the most demanding of applications. 

See the complete thermal datasheet by clicking here: TT3000


Thermally Conductive Putty

Shiu Li Technology has created a new advanced thermal interface material. LiPOLY H-putty is a tolerance filled, thermally conductive putty that maintains high compressibility with low stress, high reliability, and will not flow vertically. Our H-putty can replace thermals pads in design gaps of 0.1mm-3.0mm. H-Putty has a bond line thickness of 100-3000μm. The thermal conductivity of the H-putty series is 2.0/3.5/6.0 W/m*K.


See the complete thermal datasheet by visiting: H-Putty

Thermal Solutions S-putty compound